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Rats And Mice Control

Since time immemorial, rodents like rats and mice have been known to cause some deadly plagues and diseases. Equipped with large teeth, they are capable of transmitting a variety of bacteria and viruses through their saliva, feces and urine. They are known to cause around 37 types of disease worldwide. The diseases caused by these rodents are life- threatening and communicable in nature. In addition to this, rodents also contaminate food thus making it unhygienic to consume. Their teeth are specialised for gnawing and chewing. They can feed on variety of things around them like furniture, wardrobes, clothes and can cause huge damage to your house or office.

Rat and Mice Poisons & Traps

Different Types of Poison

Rat Poison is available in various quantities according to the size of your rat problem.There are many Poison formulations labelled for rats and mice control.Remember, before using any poison, always read and follow label directions and safety precautions (the label is the law).

Bait Station

Lockable bait station for outdoor or indoor use with our wholegrain,block bait or paste-based poisons,Very robust rat and mouse bait box, water resistant and tamper resistant,Supplied with detachable rat bait tray to protect bait from contamination,Supplied with click fast baiting rod and wall fixing bracket,Tamper proof securing key – Lid springs to aid easy opening.

Electronic Rat Killer

Kills rat through electric shock, requires 4 X C-size batteries not supplied,Kills rats quickly, humanely and cleanly, indoor use only,Easy to dispose of dead rat without physocal contact,Use our poison-free rat trap bait (PB017) to draw the rats in to the trap,Compact design can be used under floors, cupboards and in voids.

Glue Trap

Glue traps are a highly effective way to deal with rat infestations, and work by trapping the rat on a board of glue. However, as the trap itself does not kill the rat, there is a legal requirement for the rat to be humanely killed after capture. In addition and to ensure that undue suffering does not take place, traps must be checked at least every 24 hours. Glue traps must not be used outside buildings and only ever for the intended pest.

Rat and Mice Cage Trap

Ready-to-use rat cage trap that is easy to bait and set. Place near the source of food and then remove the food to entice rats into the cage. Place the bait firmly onto the hook to ensure the rats tug at it,Informative pack-design with comprehensive instructions Long-lasting galvanized mesh design, Carrier handle for easy handling Our Rat Trap Poison Free Baits are ideal for this rat cage trap Always wear gloves when baiting the trap or handling it, and wash your hands afterwards. if you are releasing you catch, make sure it is 1 Km or more from the point it was caught.

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